Executive Summary
Ell Maldives was registered on 28th March 2006, has been growing fast and in the past 8 years; Ell has easily become the name that comes up with everything connected to mobile cellular phones and its accessories. Ell Mobile is the leading mobile cellular phones and accessories provider in the Maldives. The business is renowned as the most reliable and fastest growing cellular phones retailer in the Maldives. Ell Mobile is owned by a 100 percent local company, Ell Maldives Pvt. Ltd, whose equal shareholders are Mr. Mohamed Sharath, Mr. Ahmed Naïf and Mr. Ali Abdulla.
Over the last eight years since opening of the first Ell Mobile retail shop, the sales figures of the business continues to grow annually and we have become one of the best and most successful mobile phone dealers in the Maldives.


Ell mobiles mission is to offer its customers the highest quality cell phone products and services. Its owners focus on personalized service to customers by offering convenience and rapid service. Our staff will have strong vendor relationships with the product suppliers and will be able to meet customers' demand for the newest innovation in cellular phone technology.

To lead in electronics sales market across the nation meanwhile providing beneficial services in several outlets close to customers

Company Ownership

The shareholders of Ell Maldives are Mr. Mohamed Sharath, Mr. Ahmed Naïf and Mr. Ali Abdulla. All the three shareholders citizens of the Maldives are actively engaged in running the business.

Mr. Mohamed Sharath

Mr. Mohamed Sharath is the Managing Director of Ell Maldives. He is responsible for Human Resources, Finance & Administration Mr.Sharath is dedicated in his business for more than 20 years and also has diversified his business in developing and small hotels. Over the last few years, he has invested in Ell Mobile, cellular phone retail business and diversified the business to open new line of retail shop in home care products. Mr. Sharath is a person who is well renowned in the Maldives for his dedication in the field of cellular phone business. An assertive, competent leader who motivates his team members by providing guidance for his business growth and success, he has become one of the largest driving force behind the company.

Mr. Ahmed Naif

Mr. Ahmed Naif (Director, Business Development): Mr. Naif is responsible for Sales and logistics Naif is backed by fifteen years in the business of sales and marketing for various companies. He joined Ell Mobile as an equal shareholder of the business. Since then he has been working in the company’s sales & purchasing specially on imports, providing his dedication for the growth of the company in various ways. His operational, sales & marketing is a vital contribution to the productivity of the company. With his fresh outlook on the modern business situations; Mr. Naif has become a great asset of the driving force of the company.

Mr. Ali Abdulla

Mr. Ali Abdulla (Director Operations): Ali has been working in the field of retailing and sales for the past fifteen years. His dedication and commitment to work cannot be described by words. A person who is well renowned for his dedication in the field of business, an assertive, competent leader who motivates his team members by providing guidance and at the same time incorporating humour to make work fun and enjoyable. His main area of work is in the operations and sales.


We believe that, with our long and thorough experience in the cellular phone business, our stores are in the perfect location to continue and expand our operations in the Maldives. Ell mobile Cellular Phones will provide its customers support and convenience second to none. The eleven outlets in the capital and sales agents in the outer islands are strategically located to reach the widest population of the Maldives mobile phone users.


In addition to this Ell mobile has a service center which is an extra advantage to our customers. With the technological expertise consisting of 5 technicians to assist customers in picking the right product and servicing that best meets their needs. This includes the best and most updated software for all mobile phones and related products. Ell Mobile will try to take advantage of the recent developments of mobile phone products and serve its customers in all these new trends and developments.

For the service of carrying out bill pay service for STELCO, our current staff are capable of delivering exceptional customer services and understands public relations; assuring that our staff are greatly capable of the requirement of STELCO.

Ell Mobile is already a partner with Dhiraagu in providing customer bill payment services from two of our shops; Ell Mobile Bill Pay and Ell Mobile Bill Pay 2. After three and half years of operating the first Bill Pay Shop Ell Mobile Bill Pay 1 we were given the opportunity to open our second shop in providing customer bill payment services, the biggest partnership shop with Dhiraagu. Since our exclusive partnership with DHIRAAGU has been a great success, we would like to expand the prospective by being partners with STELCO for STELCO Bill Pay Service.

Our retail outlets with locations;

Ell Mobile                    Machangolhi Uthuru / Majeedhee Magu                 

Ell Mobile 2                 Galolhu Uthuru / Majeedhee Magu

Ell Mobile 3                 Maafannu Hulhangu / Majeedhee Magu

Ell Mobile 5                 Machangolhi Uthuru / Majeedhee Magu

Ell Mobile 6                 Medhu Henveiru / Majeedhee Magu

Ell Homecare              Galolhu Uthuru / Alikilegefaanu Magu

Ell Club                                    Medhu Henveiru / Majeedhee Magu

Ell Zone                       Maafannu Dhekunu / Majeedhee Magu

Ell Mobile Bill Pay       Henveiru Dhekunu / Dhoohimeri Magu

Ell Mobile Bill Pay 2    Maafannu Hulhangu / Izzudheen Magu

Ell Mobile +  Hulhumale/ Nirolhumagu

Ell Mobile +2 Hulhumale/ Nirolhumagu china town

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